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 'University IP policy - perception and practice'

new research  into student and staff views about IP and IP policy in UK universities published


Members of the IPAN Education Group with Sir Rod Aldridge (centre right), who introduced an IPAN meeting in the CIPA Hall in Chancery Lane, London, to launch the report of this IPAN commissioned research on Wednesday the 27th July 2016.  Printed copies of the report (kindly prepared by CIPA) were distributed at the meeting.

The research was the second study commissioned by IPAN from the National Union of Students (NUS) Insight research group.  The research involved online surveys of around 2800 students and 250 teachers/tutors drawn from 150 universities and Higher Education Institutions to get their views about IP in general and IP policy within their own institution.  The report was prepared by Prof. Ruth Soetendorp, Mandy Haberman and Steve Smith of the IPAN Education Group, based on the analysis and other research findings generated by the NUS Inisght group.

After an introduction from the well known entrepreneur and philanthropist, Sir Rod Aldridge of the Aldridge Foundation, the audience of invited guests from the world of IP higher education as well as IPAN members heard Professor Ruth Soetendorp, convenor of the Education Group, summarise some of the main findings, conclusions and recommendations from the research.  The research confirmed anecdotal opinions that knowledge about IP continued to be poor and that understanding and operation of IP policy was inconsistent across institutions.  However, there was evidence of a strong desire among students to understand more about IP and its policy implications for them and their future careers.


After a lively Q&A session, Mandy Haberman reviewed possible next steps in which the research findings and the recommendations might be pursued.  Steve Smith then concluded the formal part of the meeting by thanking NUS Insight for carrying out the surveys and initial analyses and the organisations which had helped IPAN finance the research:


ACID, Alliance for IP, CIPA, CREATe, FAST, ITMA, McDaniel & Co and Sybaris Legal & IP.


University IP policy - perception and practice:

research report (less appendices)

report appendices

A imited number of printed copies of the report is available.  If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like a copy, please contact IPAN at <ipan@ipaware.net> or phone 0207 4409360.


IPAN World IP Day Celebration - 26th April 2016 - House of Commons: "IP in the Fast Lane"

 Baroness Neville-Rolfe addressing IPAN's sixth World IP Day event attended by Parliamentarians, senior opinion leaders, policy-makers, educationalists and users of the IP system

Speaking to a packed audience of intellectual property opinion leaders and parliamentarians, in the Terrace Pavilion of the House of Commons, Baroness Neville-Rolfe, UK IP Minister, said:

The process of digitisation has transformed the world around us at a furious pace. It has revolutionised the way we work; the way we interact; and the way we shop.


In the emergent digital economy, our collaborative effort is key to maintaining a strong and responsive IP system that serves us all.

Reflecting the theme - IP In The Fast Lane - Dr Paolo Aversa, a Fellow of the Centre for Automotive and Mobility Innovation at University Ca’ Foscari, Venice, explained how technical advances in Formula 1 had shaped technological advances on our roads and the important role for IP.

Other speakers reflecting on the theme were: Dr Anthony Tridico, of Finnegan, an expert in post-grant proceedings for US and European Patent Law, and John Ogier, an IP economist and Vice-Chair of IPAN.


Pete Wishart MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on IP, kindly hosted the event which was chaired by Professor Ruth Soetendorp, Chair of IPAN.


►More about IPAN's special World IP Day 2016 event


►Event video produced in association with Ideas Matter


The IPAN Issue Briefs, newly updated for 2016, were published at the World IP Day event and printed copies given to all attendees.



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