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IPAN is a network of professional and business organisations with a shared interest in improving general awareness and understanding of patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights.

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Next IPAN meeting with the UK IP Attachés - London, Wed 29th October 2014, 4-6 pm: 

Following their successful meeting with IPAN in 2013, the UK IP Attaché team from the International Policy Group at the Intellectual Property Office will lead discussions at the next IPAN meeting. This is being held from 4 pm on Wed 29th October in the Hall of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) at 95 Chancery Lane, London.

At the meeting they will provide an update on important IP developments since they spoke last year with the emphasis on IP enforcement in their countries. The formal meeting will end at about 5.30pm with a general Q&A session after which there will be a chance to meet members of the team and continue informal discussions.

Those attending from the IPO International Policy Group will include:

  • Adam Williams, Deputy Director (who will provide an overview of the attaché network)
  • Sheila Alves, Attaché for Brazil
  • Christabel Koh, Attaché for South East Asia
  • Tom Duke, Attaché for China
  • Andrew Davidson, Head of Global Cooperation and Development (who will cover the work of the Attaché for India, Anshika Jha, who is unable to attend)
  • Grega Kumer, Senior IP Adviser, UK Mission in Geneva

The meeting is primarily for IPAN members but is open to others with an interest in IP matters in these important developing markets.   If you are interested in attending this meeting or in joining the IP Awareness Network, please give your details to Gary McFly (020 7440 9360; 

IPAN meeting -10 Sep 14: Stemming online piracy - "follow the money"

  • Mike Weatherley MP, IP Adviser to the Prime Minister and Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade, spoke to a meeting of IPAN members in London about his parliamentary initiatives to stop online IP piracy and his role as special IP adviser at a meeting of IPAN members.

  • In his talk, Mike highlighted his background in IP, his two parliamentary competitions which were established to raise awareness of IP, Rock the House and Film the House. Mike also detailed what he has achieved as the IP Adviser to the PM, a role which he has held since September 2013. Mike has worked closely with both the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and the new national Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit PIPCU.

  • You can read more about Mike's talk here
  • You can read about his latest report - Copyright Education and Awareness - published on 10 Oct here

  • The meeting followed the IPAN Annual General Meeting at which Professor Ruth Soetendorp took over the Chair role from Peter Prowse and John Ogier became the vice-Chair of IPAN.  Two new directors of IPAN were also appointed: Richard Gallafent (representing Ideas 21) and Nigel Worth (representing the Institute of International Licensing Practitioners).

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