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IPAN is a network of professional and business organisations with a shared interest in improving general awareness and understanding of patents, trade marks, designs, copyright and other intellectual property rights.

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Coming IPAN meeting -10 Sep 14: Stemming online piracy

  • Mike Weatherley MP, IP Adviser to the Prime Minister and Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade, will speak about stemming IP piracy and his role as special IP adviser at a meeting of IPAN members at 4.30 pm on 10th September, in the Hall of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys at 95 Chancery Lane, London.  In addition to his constituency responsibilities, Mike is also a member of the All Party Parliamentary Intellectual Property Group.

  • Mike will speak about his recent Search Engines and Piracy discussion paper (available as a pdf file here), which outlines the shortcomings of search engine providers in the fight against online piracy.  His threefold approach to prevent online piracy – “education, carrot and stick” – aims to reduce IP crime and encourage the industry to provide easier access to legal material. 
  • Mike will also talk about the important role which an additional “Follow the Money” initiative has played in the fight against IP crime.  This initiative was adopted after a 2013 study showed the effectiveness of targeting the revenue streams funding piracy sites. Key recommendations include: increasing funding for the national Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU); exploring the utility of advertising monitor software to ensure compliance of advertising codes; and requesting PIPCU and the Intellectual Property Office to consider what additional legislation is necessary to require pre-emptive action by advertisers and payment providers.

  • The meeting will follow the IPAN Annual General Meeting and so is primarily intended for IPAN members.  But if you are interested in the topics which Mike Weatherley will be covering, please contact Sarah at

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